10 reasons why you can’t miss out on The Best Of Armin Only…

1. Look back on Armin van Buuren’s personal highlights of the past Armin Only shows.

2. Be prepared for a journey through Armin’s 20 year career as a DJ.

3. Armin will invite a lot of guest artists that were part of one the Armin Only shows.

4. It will definitely be an emotional trip down memory lane.

5. We’re not only focussing on the past, but also on the future. What do you think Armin still has in store for us?

6. Join the best party crew in the world: Armin’s biggest fans!

7. Coming to The Best Of Armin Only from the other side of the world? No worries, we offer travel packages!

8. It’s the first time that a DJ does a solo show in the Amsterdam ArenA, the biggest venue in the Netherlands!

9. Expect a lot of surprises 😉

10. Tickets for the show on May 13 sold out within 10 minutes. Tickets for the extra show on May 12 are going really fast. Last tickets available now!